Once Upon a Time.... a Scisters Salon Collection

If you have been a guest for a number of years, you know that we do an annual creative collection. Some years we even manage to squeeze in two. Inspiration for these shoots has ranged the zodiac, goddesses and even aliens. It is a fun way to stretch our creativity as a team and produce a visual collection out of the scope of our everyday work. This year we decided to take on a theme that we have been aspiring to do for years, fairy tales. 

I have to admit though, it almost didn't happen. Melissa and I have been laser focused on so other aspects of our business lately that we wondered if the collections should remain a tradition. These collections are not a financial endeavor, and this is a business after all. Let me also add the energy required to plan wardrobe, coordinate the ever growing team, and book a photographer. There was a lot of back and forth, but eventually we set a date and decided that we would just eliminate some of the things that stressed us out. 

We committed to shooting the collection ourselves. Over the past we have worked with some incredible photographers, so we were a bit intimidated, unsure of the quality of our final product, but I feel like we ended up with some beautiful images. This gave us a little more freedom when it came time to schedule with the models.

One of the greatest things about having a big team, in terms of this project, is that we were able to give the responsibility of one model to each stylist and still finish with a handful of characters. The year Scisters took on the Zodiac collection, it was still just Melissa and I. We did hair, makeup and wardrobe for 13 models! And that was just one of the two collections released that fall. We had quite a bit more freedom of time back then.

The four of us each selected a fairy tale character that inspired us, found a model to represent it, selected costuming, and assembled a team to help with the shoot. Of course, once Melissa and I saw the images of our first two models, we were so excited that we each wanted to do one more character. If you know us, this comes at no surprise. Isn’t it funny how much less stressful a project is when you enjoy it and your energy is high? 

Selecting just one image was tough, so we went with our two favorites, totaling twelve images. I am so glad that we made some adjustments that made us more comfortable this year, instead of throwing in the towel. When I pass these framed images in that hall of the shop, I get all the feels. I am surprised by the strength of this team, proud of the members of my staff that are still blooming, for stepping out of their comfort zone. Mostly I feel super lit up by the female collaboration that went down. These girls are on fire! 

I hope you enjoy the results of our 2017 creative collection.

And we all continued to create beauty happily ever after,

Easton Bajsec

Snow White Hair & Photography- Melissa Parker Makeup- Vanessa Garlough

Snow White

Hair & Photography- Melissa Parker

Makeup- Vanessa Garlough

Peter Pan Hair, Makeup & Photography- Easton Bajsec

Peter Pan

Hair, Makeup & Photography- Easton Bajsec

Little Red Riding Hood Hair- Barbara Powden Makeup- Vanessa Garlough Photography- Easton Bajsec

Little Red Riding Hood

Hair- Barbara Powden

Makeup- Vanessa Garlough

Photography- Easton Bajsec

Cinderella Hair- Taylor Spell- Flores Photography- Melissa Parker


Hair- Taylor Spell- Flores

Photography- Melissa Parker

The Evil Queen Hair & Photography- Melissa Parker Makeup- Taylor Spell- Flores

The Evil Queen

Hair & Photography- Melissa Parker

Makeup- Taylor Spell- Flores

The Mad Hatter Hair & Photography- Easton Bajsec Makeup- Vanessa Garlough

The Mad Hatter

Hair & Photography- Easton Bajsec

Makeup- Vanessa Garlough


Our Love Story

When I first met Easton, I was pretty sure she didn't like me. (She still claims I'm wrong about this). Either way, it wasn't long before we became friends and I realized she was unlike anyone I had met before. Her friendship taught me something about relationships, vulnerability, authenticity and womanhood. I am a better person for knowing her. 


We were highly cautioned about partnering for business, most people said in general that they are a bad idea. I know without a doubt that choosing to be her 'work wife' was the right decision. Being able to honor each others strengths is what makes us a dynamic duo. I still walk into work inspired and seeking be my best. I appreciate everything we have grown into and am excited for what is to come in our future. 

Thanks for choosing me seven years ago. Happy anniversary to us and Scisters Salon.


Written by Melissa Parker

Where does your money go?

"Success unshared is failure" - John Paul Dejoria

Did you know that every time you choose to purchase hair care products from us, you are making a difference? John Paul Dejoria supports a wide range of organizations on our behalf. Watch this video that beautifully represents Paul Mitchell's global culture. Continue spreading the love ya'll.


Written by Melissa Parker, Owner of Scisters Salon                                                                      La Mesa, CA

Diversion Dissuasion

What on earth is diversion? Many different names are used throughout various industries relating to this ongoing issue. Recently the term "grey market" has been popularly used to label goods being sold by unauthorized dealers. In the beauty industry specifically, this has been happening for years, and in many cases can be a hazard to the consumer. 

Most professional beauty products are only authorized to be sold by a salon professional. Companies limit who can distribute their goods in order to protect the quality and authenticity of their goods. In order to purchase Paul Mitchell products, we sign a contract stating that we will not resell them out the back door to another unauthorized dealer. 

Many people wonder how these name brand professional goods end up at the supermarket, big box store, or being sold on a major e-commerce site. The answer is diversion. Somehow these products have switched hands, someone violated their contract, and the potential of this item being expired or rancid is quite high. Many times we have seen Paul Mitchell products being sold online or in the drug store with packaging that had been discontinued for YEARS! When diverted beauty products are lab tested, they have shown to contain high levels of bacteria. 

Besides the gross and dangerous part, many consumers believe that they are getting a better value, when really they are being ripped off. These items may be counterfeit, watered down, or filled with something different all together. Not to mention, they are not being sold at much of a savings, if any at all. Recently we had a guest bring us a product that they purchased online, below is our video comparison of our product and the one they brought to us.

Please Use Protection

I'd like to take some time to tell you about something we know is of importance to you, thermal protection. How do I know? Because Hot Off the Press, Paul Mitchell's protective spray, is Scisters Salon's #1 selling product. So please allow me to dig a little deeper into this subject.


Heat damage occurs when keratin, the protein your hair is made of, has been permanently altered from it's natural state. This molecular change is irreversible, creates bubbles in the hair shaft and effects your hair's ability to retain moisture. You'll notice these effects by discoloration, split or bulging ends, tangles, and dry or dull hair.

Science says that if you heat keratin to 419º-455ºF the alpha helix starts to melt. But heat at a lower temperature repeatedly can also result in the same damage. We recommend not exceeding 400ºF even for the most unruly texture. Ask you stylist at your next visit, to give you a professional recommendation on the proper setting for your hair, taking into consideration it's current integrity.

It is equally as important use thermal protection products, which create a barrier around the hair strand preventing heat from damaging your hair.

Introducing Neuro Liquid, Paul Mitchell's complete line of performance products to complement professional tools. We are launching Neuro Liquid with you in mind, and I hope you love it as much as your hair does.

In the tip clip below, I address the best way to curl you hair to prevent damage.

And full disclosure: I still have mommy brain fog, so please excuse the moments where it's trying to catch up with my mouth. 

Written by: Melissa Parker

Core Values in Action

This year, we sat as a team and decided what our core values are. We looked at a long list of words and individually chose those that described the environment that we want to work in. We then, compared our choices and narrowed them down to five. Next step was to define what they meant to us. What were the rules or expectations that we have around these values? Here is the final list of our values at Scisters Salon:

  • Ambition- The hunger that comes from having goals, which drives you to relentless action
  • Service- Providing care and your full attention
  • Connection- Creating moments and trust through your words and work.
  • Productivity- Making the most efficient and profitable decisions that further promote the success of our business.
  • Continuous Improvement- Striving to always be developing into greatness

Great, so what does it mean? Well all of our decisions are made a bit more simply around here. If something promotes one or mores of our values it may be a great idea. Conversely, if it holds us back from what we have defined as important to our work, it's an easy no. 

Last week we took part in an event that lit us up inside and touched on all 5 of these values. We'd love to take some time to share. As many of our loyalists know, every year we attend a huge Paul Mitchell Gathering in Las Vegas. This year 3 of us attended Paul Mitchell's Business Revolution for a full day of focus on industry specific ways to grow your business. At dinner that night, we were all full of fire with great ideas because what we had done that day had aligned ourselves in all of our values. We had been surrounded with other ambitious people all day, learned how we can offer better service, made connections with other stylists and industry folks from around the world, took away lessons on how to be more productive, and worked on that continuous improvement that is so important to us. 

From Left: Me, Angus Mitchell, Taylor, Robert Cromeans, and Melissa

From Left: Me, Angus Mitchell, Taylor, Robert Cromeans, and Melissa

The next two days Melissa and I were invited to attend Global Prev-You for Paul Mitchell Educators from around the world. We got some more inspiration each morning with keynote speakers like Tim Storey (just google search the man, he's incredible) and then attended 5 breakout assessments. In one of which we "Walked the Talk", where we stood on stage and presented our best skills in front of the Global Artistic Director of Paul Mitchell and my biggest inspiration, Robert Cromeans. How often do you get to get one on one coaching from the person you most admire? I sometimes have to pinch myself that we get these opportunities. 

In one of our breakout classes nerding out

In one of our breakout classes nerding out

Working on my style assesment.

Working on my style assesment.

The final day magic happened! In each of the breakout classes they choose two standouts for best in show. Something that all educators want to win. Well wouldn't you believe we both won in our styling workshop. It was great to win, but even better to win together. I feel so privileged to share this journey with my best friend. Our hard work continues to pay off, and I am glad that we hold each other to the values that drive us there. 

From Left: Noogie Thai, Me, Anya Seegers, and Melissa holding up that best in show prize

From Left: Noogie Thai, Me, Anya Seegers, and Melissa holding up that best in show prize

So what are your core values and what have they helped you achieve?


Written by Easton Bajsec, Co-Owner of Scisters Salon

This machine ain't messin' around

After receiving my first facial from Vanessa, I can’t help myself from sharing about her new machine. You see, I was in bad shape after not having proper time to groom. But now… this mama’s makin’ time!

She hooked me up with a Premium facial using her Hydra Skin Refiner, a breakthrough in aesthetic technology. It utilizes water and skin specific serums to effectively. yet gently remove layers of dead skin cells and congestion in the pores. Aqua tips exfoliate impurities while simultaneously vacuuming away dead cells. This dramatically improved my skin's hydration and texture, providing oxygenation and micro-circulation. In short, this machine ain't messin' around.

My premium facial finished with a microcurrent treatment. Microcurrent delivered gentle electrical stimulation to trigger my collagen and elastin production, cell repair and promote healthier cell production. 

Are you looking to gain or maintain a youthful appearance too? Vanessa recommends regular treatments every 2-4 weeks for the first 6-8 treatments, followed by maintenance facials and a good home care regimen to keep your results long lasting. 


Hydra Skin Refiner Benefits:

  • Good for most skin types, treatment is adjusted to meet individual needs
  • Deep cleansing 
  • Exfoliating
  • Hydrating 
  • Brighter and smoother texture 
  • Immediate results 

Microcurrent Benefits:

  •  Reduction in wrinkles, fine lines and creases
  • Increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage = decreased puffiness 
  • Visible firming, contouring and lifting of the skin
  • Enhance product penetration to treat multiple skin conditions 

Visit Scisters.com for additional info or come in for a free consultation!

Color Craft

Color Craft is the newest addition to our Color Bar here at Scisters, and we are so excited for it's arrival. What's Color Craft? Well the product can be used two ways; as a more potent, in salon treatment or as an at home treatment. Either way this rich treatment delivers customized color with conditioned, healthy-looking results. It intensifies, enhances or extends the life and vibrancy of your color service. The rich treatment delivers customized color while providing conditioning results for guests in the salon and at home.





We decided to give both options a whirl for ourselves. Check out our goofy video below.

What Happened to Our Service Menu?

Some of you have asked this question on your recent visit to the salon. We've even had a guy schedule himself a bang trim online because he was unsure how to classify his haircut service. I defaulted to my normal smart ass nature of course, and told him he had to get the bang trim, nothing else. All joking aside, we'd like to take the time to clear up any confusion and explain our reasoning for this new pricing.

The answer can really be summed up to the term "pink tax". If you aren't aware of this term yet, pink tax refers to women paying a higher price on the same item or service as men. This happens with items like shaving cream and deodorant, services like life insurance, dry cleaning and yes, haircuts. It never felt right to us to charge a woman for a haircut, sometimes very similar to her husbands, and having to pay almost twice the price. 

After some consideration of our time and bottom line, it made the most sense to charge guests based on the length of their hair. This ultimately leaves some gents paying more for their long locks, but reduces the price for a considerable number of our female guests. Now our time is more adequately compensated for as well. At any time, dependent on the length of your hair, your price may change. 

We hope this clears up any confusion and that you feel confident again booking your appointment online. 



Can you free yourself?

We, here at Scisters, are consistently striving (or obsessing) to be our best on a business and personal level. This year we were introduced to the Konmari Method and Minimalism. For those of you who aren't familiar, the Konmari Method is magical tidying and decluttering method in which surround yourself with only the things that spark joy in your life. The Minimalists teach their followers to live an intentional life with less, keeping only items that add value. After combining these concepts, we have begun to eliminate clutter, stress and unnecessary business.

And I honestly am feeling lighter and freer.

As a hairdresser, you can imagine all the tools, and brushes, and shampoos, and conditioners, and tons of styling products that I have on hand at home. Then add the make-up... Wowza! I was made acutely aware of this when it came time to tidy this part of my life. I had enough to open a beauty supply! And why did I need this red lipstick that didn't suit my skin tone? I gravitate toward neutral tones. Even with all these options, I would gravitate to the ones that were my favorite and worked the best, while the others were stuck in the back for "someday".

The thing is, I don't think that I am alone in this.

Do you know what happened when I only kept the hair stuff that I loved or needed? I get better results... faster... in a more beautiful space.



So I thought I would extend a challenge to you. If you also have a collection of items that don't suit you, tidy and organize your favorite products. Then, pack up your "someday" items into a box and donate them to your local woman's shelter.

Meet your skin care professional

Many of you have noticed that our wax room was undergoing some construction. Luckily, it hasn't lasted as long as the city construction on our street! And now, we are ready to reveal our big surprise... the wax room has been upgraded to a spa room.

The best part is that we have one heck of an aesthetician joining our team! Welcome Vanessa!



Vanessa has been licensed for 15 years, completed her master esthetics program in 2011 and worked at a local med spa the past 6 years. Her knowledge and experience are vast and she is well equipped to address any of your skin care needs.

Vanessa's specialty is to listen to your concerns at each and every visit to best deliver to your skin's fluctuating needs. Together, you will create results oriented skin care.

We are also excited to announce the launch of a new skincare line, Lira Clinical.


"Science discovering nature's secrets"

If you decide to add Lira Clinical to your home regimen, you will extend and increase the benefits of your time with Vanessa by giving her the ability to work deeper into your skin. 

She would love for you to say "Hello" at your next visit and if you are interested in a skin consultation, her appointment book in now open.

Haircuts for Hope 2017 was a success!

Last weekend we celebrated a year's worth of ponytail donations at Helix Brewing Co, here in La Mesa, CA. Helix has a great industrial atmosphere with exposed brewing equipment and their patio is an inviting space to chill and play games with friends. I won't forget to mention their awesome beer. Our personal favorite is their Stoner Moment IPA.

Over the past twelve months we have collected 20 ponytails, a total of 212 inches of hair, to send to the Locks of Love Organization. Locks of Love is a non-profit that offers prosthetic hair pieces to underprivileged children with permanent hair loss, most often due to a condition called Alopecia. This event wrapped up our sixth annual fundraiser for the organization. Free haircuts have been offered since the salon's opening in 2010 to anyone willing to donate 10 inches of hair or more.

We raised a total of $980 between financial contributions and the silent auction. Winners of the silent auction took home great prizes such as; suite tickets to Padres games at Petco Park, brewery gift sets, hair product baskets and gift certificates to various other local businesses. Our biggest source of money earned was from those suite tickets to 2 separate Padres games, totaling over $400. We would like to send out a special thank you to Keith and Clara Justus over at Business Copier Solutions, for the generous donation.

The weather was perfect for sitting outside with a cold beer and listening to the sultry and funky sounds of our first band, Cori and the Music. This was the group's second year donating the gift of music to the event. We wrapped up the afternoon with The Last Minutes. These guys and their bad babe of a drummer have the most fun following in San Diego. The various members of this band have continually supported this cause over the years. Jared Montalvo, the front man, has organized our music for 5 of the 6 years, always lining up some great acts. He has been vital to our success and we are grateful to have a friend and patron like him. 

We want to make sure to thank everyone who helped us pull this event off and make it a success. We are very proud of the turn out. Now it's time to mail a big box of hair and send that $980 check.