Death and Rebirth

Is it possible that like a tree, we are continuously cycling through shedding what we no longer need, to blossom into a new growth?

It's common to see major hair loss around life changes, hormones and different health dynamics. My response to questions of hair loss mostly link back to your body's reaction to phyical or emotional stress. But standing in the hot shower last night, holding clumps of hair in my fingers, I felt like a warrior goddess, shedding the pieces of myself that were no longer me. Could this hair loss be symbolic of the death and rebirth of myself?

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Hot Shots

A few months ago, we got a new neighbor right next door, Bad Kitty Photography. They are a wild and fun bunch of woman who have fine tuned the art of boudoir photography. They asked us to team up with them on a project called Hot Shots, where we would spend a day beautifying 90 women with hair styling and makeup prior to their photoshoot. And of course, we were all in.

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How To- Natural Blow Dry

Our team of educators at John Paul Mitchell Systems just released some great tutorial videos. We wanted to take time to highlight some of our favorites over the next few months. In this first video, Kelly Rettenberger shows her model Sara how to get a flawless, natural look in just a few minutes. All of the products and tools shown are available here at Scisters Salon.

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Giving Back for the Holidays

We just wrapped up our December giving campaign and it is no surprise, I am feeling extremely grateful for our community. Even though we have been doing this for families for 6 years now, I am always astonished at the goodwill that our salon guests and staff possess. We all stepped up again this year to provide a financially disadvantaged family gifts.

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Simplicity and the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching. I am really having a hard time believing that 2017 is wrapping up! This year I decided instead of making a resolution, to choose a theme. My annual theme has been simplicity. Gee Golly, have I simplified this year. I have eliminated clutter in work and at home, simplified my days off to spend more time doing the things that bring me joy, learned to say no to things that felt too stressful and stopped overpacking my schedule. I also learned to stop overpacking my bags for vacation and translated simplicity to many other areas of my life. Gift giving is one of the other ways I have really learned to be intentional this year. 

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The Best Day in Tri

We just wrapped up one of my favorite events of the year, Tour de Cove, and I am excited to have the blog as a platform to share my passion about the Challenged Athletes Foundation. This month marked my seventh year volunteering on behalf of John Paul Mitchell Systems, providing haircuts to raise money for one incredible organization. When Scisters Salon opened seven years ago, it was an important goal of ours to be recognized in the community as a business that does good. When we were invited to participate in the same month that Scisters opened, I had no idea what I was signing up for or how my life would be changed.

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Are you just Blowin' Hot Air?

A guest recently asked during her blow-dry, "What makes that dryer different?" 

  It reminded me of an earlier time when Scisters Salon arrived to style a wedding with every iron and hairspray we own, and the mother of the bride walked out with wet hair ready for a blowout. I immediately was set into panic, as I have a great fear of being unprepared for anything. 

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Once Upon a Time.... a Scisters Salon Collection

If you have been a guest for a number of years, you know that we do an annual creative collection. Some years we even manage to squeeze in two. Inspiration for these shoots has ranged the zodiac, goddesses and even aliens. It is a fun way to stretch our creativity as a team and produce a visual collection out of the scope of our everyday work. This year we decided to take on a theme that we have been aspiring to do for years, fairy tales. 

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Our Love Story

When I first met Easton, I was pretty sure she didn't like me. (She still claims I'm wrong about this). Either way, it wasn't long before we became friends and I realized she was unlike anyone I had met before. Her friendship taught me something about relationships, vulnerability, authenticity and womanhood. I am a better person for knowing her. 

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Where does your money go?

"Success unshared is failure" - John Paul Dejoria

Did you know that every time you choose to purchase hair care products from us, you are making a difference? John Paul Dejoria supports a wide range of organizations on our behalf. Watch this video that beautifully represents Paul Mitchell's global culture. Continue spreading the love ya'll.


Written by Melissa Parker, Owner of Scisters Salon                                                                      La Mesa, CA

Diversion Dissuasion

What on earth is diversion? Many different names are used throughout various industries relating to this ongoing issue. Recently the term "grey market" has been popularly used to label goods being sold by unauthorized dealers. In the beauty industry specifically, this has been happening for years, and in many cases can be a hazard to the consumer. 

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