How's this for vulnerability?

I have worn every cut and color under the sun. Just check out these sweet photos. Most of these looks define exactly the woman I was at that stage of life. There were a few that were real mistakes, resulting in great lessons about what didn’t help me feel confident. That’s really the magic key, confidence.

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How To- Naturally Style Straight Hair

For all my ladies with straight hair looking for a natural blow-dry, check out this great video provided by Paul Mitchell. Our International Trainer, Noogie Thai, will show you how to use our Invisablewear products to give weightless hold and a soft finish. Let us know at your next visit if you tried out this technique or if you would be interested in being finished this way in the salon.


Gratitude, Contribution and Balance

This is the season that my girls fight sickness after sickness, building their little immunities up one by one. After 30 minutes of getting ready for school on Tuesday morning, I finally came to the conclusion that they weren’t going to be able to go. They had come down with a mean cough that turned one of them into an angry little hulk and the other into an ultra-sensitive clingy baby monkey.

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YOU WON’T ALWAYS GET IT RIGHT- About Trust and Professionalism

I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 13 years and have always worked full time behind the chair with guests. When I started in the industry, like most hairdressers, mistakes were common. Ladies and gentlemen, I turned my mother’s hair green. Thank goodness I had a patient mentor to save the day. In any trade, you learn almost more from those what not to do situations, than you do from totally successful ones.

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Wand Styling Made Easy With the Neuro Angle

We have a new tool here at Scisters which was designed to make wand styling more comfortable. The Neuro Angle is an adjustable wand, providing ergonomic positioning and beautiful results. This tool is limited edition, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. It would make an awesome gift this holiday season. Retail price is $135. I took the time to put together a short tutorial so you can see this baby in action.




Our Scisters Salon journey has just reached it’s 8th year on October 1st. Say What?! I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the manifestation of this dream. Looking back on those two young ladies, all bright eyed and green, I want to tell them that I am proud of their commitment to keep their hearts in business. I believe it is a key component to our successes.

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Self Care is a Personal Experience

My intimate connection with self care began along side my motherhood journey, in the depth of my soul, in the darkness. Before babies I was a lavish Leo who knew how to pamper myself and had a healthy personal growth obsession. I took ample time for rest, relaxation and revival, but there was a missing piece that didn’t exist for me yet.

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How to Manifest the Life You Desire

f you are a millennial like us, or have spent any significant amount of time with Melissa and I, you have probably heard the term manifest recently. If not, you may have heard of this concept in the form of quantum physics, from the book The Secret, or the Law of Attraction. The idea, in short, is that the thoughts that you think, create your reality. But it's not so simple as, "I want a pony". Oftentimes, the universe will bring things to you in unexpected ways. 

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