Scisters Editorial Collection Summer 2019

Scisters Editorial Collection Summer 2019


About Scisters Salon 

Scisters Salon was founded in 2010 by Melissa Parker and Easton Bajsec, National Educators for John Paul Mitchell Systems.

 The Salon is known for the experience that clients rave about. The La Mesa salon runs devoted to their vision: The belief that all are beautiful and it is the stylist’s mission to enhance that beauty, the devotion to their beautiful community, and their consciousness of preserving our beautiful planet. 

Scisters Salon is a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon that includes a Sanctuary where the shampoo experience is an unforgettable getaway, a Color Bar where you can watch your stylist customize your perfect shade, and a Take Home area where you can learn how to recreate your new style at home. 

Scisters Salon is mentored by the industry's most iconic and eligible educators. You will always leave the salon feeling radiant. 

Come be part of the vision. 

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Mission:  Valued and developed individuals providing a warm approach to beauty services and education. Working as a collective to positively impact the beauty industry and community they serve.

Vision:    To provide an environment and experience that translate into beauty. To have a positive impact that ripples through the lives of our guests, staff, community, and planet. To be the best we know how and adapt when shown a path to professional righteousness.