Scisters Editorial Collection Summer 2019

About Scisters Salon 

Scisters Salon is San Diego’s first Zero Waste Salon, offering beauty products in bulk and various other supplies for living a zero waste, intentional lifestyle. An immense amount of thought is given to how the salon is operated, the services offered, and the options of products that are used and retailed. The team takes pride in finding and customizing products with easily recognized ingredients, eliminating toxins, and integrating wellness in your beauty routine. 

The salon was founded by Melissa Parker and Easton Bajsec in 2010. The young women wanted to offer an approachable and welcoming experience to both guests of the business as well as employees. 

The La Mesa Salon is fueled by it’s core values- 

  • Ambition- The hunger that comes from having goals, which drives you to relentless action

  • Service- Providing care and your full attention

  • Connection- Creating moments and trust through your words and work.

  • Productivity- Making the most efficient and profitable decisions that further promote the success of our business.

  • Continuous Improvement- Striving to always be developing into greatness

Come be part of the vision.