Self Care is a Personal Experience

My intimate connection with self care began along side my motherhood journey, in the depth of my soul, in the darkness. Before babies I was a lavish Leo who knew how to pamper myself and had a healthy personal growth obsession. I took ample time for rest, relaxation and revival, but there was a missing piece that didn’t exist for me yet.

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Core Values in Action

This year, we sat as a team and decided what our core values are. We looked at a long list of words and individually chose those that described the environment that we want to work in. We then, compared our choices and narrowed them down to five. Next step was to define what they meant to us. What were the rules or expectations that we have around these values? Here is the final list of our values at Scisters Salon:

  • Ambition- The hunger that comes from having goals, which drives you to relentless action
  • Service- Providing care and your full attention
  • Connection- Creating moments and trust through your words and work.
  • Productivity- Making the most efficient and profitable decisions that further promote the success of our business.
  • Continuous Improvement- Striving to always be developing into greatness
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