Gratitude, Contribution and Balance

This is the season that my girls fight sickness after sickness, building their little immunities up one by one. After 30 minutes of getting ready for school on Tuesday morning, I finally came to the conclusion that they weren’t going to be able to go. They had come down with a mean cough that turned one of them into an angry little hulk and the other into an ultra-sensitive clingy baby monkey.

I sat down on the couch frustrated and overwhelmed because my day was booked and I’ve already rescheduled multiple days this winter to nurse the girls back to health. My stress cherry on top was that I would be making no money that day to stay home with them, but still paying $100 for daycare. Not one of the perks of entrepreneurship.

Ben, my husband, questioned the look on my face and I expressed my feelings before he kissed my face and got up to make some work calls. After a few minutes he returned and said, “I rescheduled my day, go make some money baby.” In that moment, I heard so much more. I heard that he supports my work in the world and values my contribution to our family.

I feel like we have been redefining women’s contribution in the workplace and at home for a long time now. Aren’t we towards the end of this conversation? I think the social demands for women to do it all are higher than ever. While many men are cheering us on, there are still those though, that ignorantly add to the pressures.


To my husband:

Thank you for being a man who values an ambitious woman, a husband who supports my dreams, and a father that makes sick days more fun with popsicles and bed forts.

I love you forever,