Our Scisters Salon journey has just reached it’s 8th year as of October 1st. Say What?! I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the manifestation of this dream. Looking back on those two young ladies, all bright eyed and green, I want to tell them that I am proud of their commitment to keep their hearts in business. I believe it is a key component to our successes.


My list of thank-you’s are plentiful. I appreciate the growth of our fabulous team and the mission we continue to conquer together. And I love my Boss Wife, Easton. She ignites a power in me that is creative, inspired and determined. I feel that side by side we can achieve whatever wild idea we dream of next.

But mostly this is about you. I appreciate each and every one of our guests who support this business, who have become part of the Scisters community and dream wildly with us. It is an honor to serve you with our hearts.

On behalf of the Scisters team, THANK YOU for contributing to this dream.


Here’s to many more,