How to Manifest the Life You Desire

If you are a millennial like us, or have spent any significant amount of time with Melissa and I, you have probably heard the term manifest recently. If not, you may have heard of this concept in the form of quantum physics, from the book The Secret, or the Law of Attraction. The idea, in short, is that the thoughts that you think, create your reality. But it's not so simple as, "I want a pony". Oftentimes, the universe will bring things to you in unexpected ways. 

Have you ever had a conversation with someone about something random, and then have the same topic repeat itself to you in a relatively short period of time? You may have thought, "Wow, that's weird, I was just talking about that." Law of Attraction people! Your energy was vibrating at a particular frequency that made it easier for the same energy to attach itself to. It is more than just coincidence, and more powerful when you not only think of something, but have positive feelings connected as well. If you desire something, feel as happy now about it coming, as you will when it arrives, and the process speeds up. 

So how does this relate in the life of Scisters Salon? Well, we just closed out the first half of 2018 and completed our bi-annual evaluations with staff. We each make some personal and professional goals, and keep each other on track over the next 6 months. Previously, I created individual vision boards to hang in our break room, so that staff could see their goals in a visual way. I would use Google images to print them. When Melissa and I attended our National Educator Training for John Paul Mitchell Systems a few months ago, we all broke up and created our own vision boards out of recycled magazines. I found so much value in the process of creating it myself, rather than just printing it from the computer. I was super excited about the potential of how much more powerful it would be for our team to take ownership of their own visions. 

We had our monthly meeting yesterday and at the end of all the business, we handed out everyone's evaluation forms, and craft supplies. We got to crafting, and sharing with each other, our creations. Have you ever created a vision board? We'd love to hear from you about your experience with manifesting. Also, let us know if you would be interested in learning more!


Easton Bajsec