Death and Rebirth

Is it possible that like a tree, we are continuously cycling through shedding what we no longer need, to blossom into a new growth?

It's common to see major hair loss around life changes, hormones and different health dynamics. My response to questions of hair loss mostly link back to your body's reaction to phyical or emotional stress. But standing in the hot shower last night, holding clumps of hair in my fingers, I felt like a warrior goddess, shedding the pieces of myself that were no longer me. Could this hair loss be symbolic of the death and rebirth of myself?


Could this hair loss be symbolic of the death and rebirth of myself?

You see, this most specifically resonates with my journey of motherhood. Three years ago when I was first birthed into motherhood, there in that moment, the wild, carefree girl vanished. I became so fixated on being the mother that Hazel needed that I didn't value the strengths I naturally had to offer.

Here in this moment, I am able to release the pressure I was putting on myself to get it all perfect, reclaim the parts of me that fall outside the realm of mothering, and discover new ones.

It has been a year since my second daughter was born. A few weeks after giving birth, I lost handfuls of hair again, which is totally normal after having a baby. It's growing back now, making it more difficult to wear a bun without looking like Einstein, leading to more bad hair days then usual. Now in this quiet moment, I feel anew and unashamed of my crazy baby wings. They remind me that I am fierce and strong and beautiful. That I am unfolding into a new version of me. A woman that I am anxiously awaiting.

My beautiful wings. 

My beautiful wings. 

Here's to all the rest of you warriors,

Melissa Parker