Our Love Story

When I first met Easton, I was pretty sure she didn't like me. (She still claims I'm wrong about this). Either way, it wasn't long before we became friends and I realized she was unlike anyone I had met before. Her friendship taught me something about relationships, vulnerability, authenticity and womanhood. I am a better person for knowing her. 


We were highly cautioned about partnering for business, most people said in general that they are a bad idea. I know without a doubt that choosing to be her 'work wife' was the right decision. Being able to honor each others strengths is what makes us a dynamic duo. I still walk into work inspired and seeking be my best. I appreciate everything we have grown into and am excited for what is to come in our future. 

Thanks for choosing me seven years ago. Happy anniversary to us and Scisters Salon.


Written by Melissa Parker