Please Use Protection

I'd like to take some time to tell you about something we know is of importance to you, thermal protection. How do I know? Because Hot Off the Press, Paul Mitchell's protective spray, is Scisters Salon's #1 selling product. So please allow me to dig a little deeper into this subject.


Heat damage occurs when keratin, the protein your hair is made of, has been permanently altered from it's natural state. This molecular change is irreversible, creates bubbles in the hair shaft and effects your hair's ability to retain moisture. You'll notice these effects by discoloration, split or bulging ends, tangles, and dry or dull hair.

Science says that if you heat keratin to 419º-455ºF the alpha helix starts to melt. But heat at a lower temperature repeatedly can also result in the same damage. We recommend not exceeding 400ºF even for the most unruly texture. Ask you stylist at your next visit, to give you a professional recommendation on the proper setting for your hair, taking into consideration it's current integrity.

It is equally as important use thermal protection products, which create a barrier around the hair strand preventing heat from damaging your hair.

Introducing Neuro Liquid, Paul Mitchell's complete line of performance products to complement professional tools. We are launching Neuro Liquid with you in mind, and I hope you love it as much as your hair does.

In the tip clip below, I address the best way to curl you hair to prevent damage.

And full disclosure: I still have mommy brain fog, so please excuse the moments where it's trying to catch up with my mouth. 

Written by: Melissa Parker