Diversion Dissuasion

What on earth is diversion? Many different names are used throughout various industries relating to this ongoing issue. Recently the term "grey market" has been popularly used to label goods being sold by unauthorized dealers. In the beauty industry specifically, this has been happening for years, and in many cases can be a hazard to the consumer. 

Most professional beauty products are only authorized to be sold by a salon professional. Companies limit who can distribute their goods in order to protect the quality and authenticity of their goods. In order to purchase Paul Mitchell products, we sign a contract stating that we will not resell them out the back door to another unauthorized dealer. 

Many people wonder how these name brand professional goods end up at the supermarket, big box store, or being sold on a major e-commerce site. The answer is diversion. Somehow these products have switched hands, someone violated their contract, and the potential of this item being expired or rancid is quite high. Many times we have seen Paul Mitchell products being sold online or in the drug store with packaging that had been discontinued for YEARS! When diverted beauty products are lab tested, they have shown to contain high levels of bacteria. 

Besides the gross and dangerous part, many consumers believe that they are getting a better value, when really they are being ripped off. These items may be counterfeit, watered down, or filled with something different all together. Not to mention, they are not being sold at much of a savings, if any at all. Recently we had a guest bring us a product that they purchased online, below is our video comparison of our product and the one they brought to us.