Meet your skin care professional

Many of you have noticed that our wax room was undergoing some construction. Luckily, it hasn't lasted as long as the city construction on our street! And now, we are ready to reveal our big surprise... the wax room has been upgraded to a spa room.

The best part is that we have one heck of an aesthetician joining our team! Welcome Vanessa!



Vanessa has been licensed for 15 years, completed her master esthetics program in 2011 and worked at a local med spa the past 6 years. Her knowledge and experience are vast and she is well equipped to address any of your skin care needs.

Vanessa's specialty is to listen to your concerns at each and every visit to best deliver to your skin's fluctuating needs. Together, you will create results oriented skin care.

We are also excited to announce the launch of a new skincare line, Lira Clinical.


"Science discovering nature's secrets"

If you decide to add Lira Clinical to your home regimen, you will extend and increase the benefits of your time with Vanessa by giving her the ability to work deeper into your skin. 

She would love for you to say "Hello" at your next visit and if you are interested in a skin consultation, her appointment book in now open.