What Happened to Our Service Menu?

Some of you have asked this question on your recent visit to the salon. We've even had a guy schedule himself a bang trim online because he was unsure how to classify his haircut service. I defaulted to my normal smart ass nature of course, and told him he had to get the bang trim, nothing else. All joking aside, we'd like to take the time to clear up any confusion and explain our reasoning for this new pricing.

The answer can really be summed up to the term "pink tax". If you aren't aware of this term yet, pink tax refers to women paying a higher price on the same item or service as men. This happens with items like shaving cream and deodorant, services like life insurance, dry cleaning and yes, haircuts. It never felt right to us to charge a woman for a haircut, sometimes very similar to her husbands, and having to pay almost twice the price. 

After some consideration of our time and bottom line, it made the most sense to charge guests based on the length of their hair. This ultimately leaves some gents paying more for their long locks, but reduces the price for a considerable number of our female guests. Now our time is more adequately compensated for as well. At any time, dependent on the length of your hair, your price may change. 

We hope this clears up any confusion and that you feel confident again booking your appointment online.