Happy Anniversary Taylor and Barbara!

We've had some seriously good luck when it comes to picking winners in December. Two of our current staff started at Scisters in December. We wanted to highlight them here on the blog this month.

Taylor Jade- 4 years

Taylor has been here longer than any member on staff. She started in our original assisting program and has worked her way up to being one of our most senior stylists. She's our self proclaimed first child. Her dedication to continuous education is one of the biggest keys to her success.

This woman is a Virgo in the purest form. She sets lofty goals each year, always wanting to go to the next level. Taylor is the chameleon in the shop, you never know what she plans on doing to her hair next. She is brave, loyal, and fun. I am so glad that she is part of our team. 

I love you girl. Congrats on 4 years,

Easton Bajsec

Barbara- 1 year

Scisters 28.1.jpg


Barbara joined our team a year ago, right as I was leaving for maternity leave for the second (and last) time. She stepped up in a big way and many times has been the hero in the background. The magic she's producing may not always be seen but without her help, we wouldn't be shining so bright.

When I met Barbara, she was reserved and sometimes was perceived as timid. In the last year, I have watched her willingness blossom into confidience. She has a big, warm heart and a certain silliness that brings laughter to our team.

Here's to the years to come! Happy first anniversary.

Melissa Parker