Are you just Blowin' Hot Air?

A guest recently asked during her blow-dry, "What makes that dryer different?" 

  It reminded me of an earlier time when Scisters Salon arrived to style a wedding with every iron and hairspray we own, and the mother of the bride walked out with wet hair ready for a blowout. I immediately was set into panic, as I have a great fear of being unprepared for anything. 

*Sidenote: I happen to be working diligently on going with the flow. How am I doin?

  Anyway, when I explained we had not come with a dryer or round brush, she disappeared to the bathroom and returned with her supplies. It had been years since I had the used non-professional tools and did my best to adjust my creature of habit energy.

  What normally takes me ten minutes to create a beautiful blowout, took twice the time and in hindsight, I was learning many thing that would make me better. 


Ultimately the answer is better results in less time. But why? And how?

  Well, professional tools aren't just blowing hot air at you. Our Paul Mitchell professional dryers are infused with brilliant technology. They utilize infrared heat and negative ions to shrink water molecules to better help expel the water, drying from the inside out to smooth the cuticle for shiny results. Hot Dang!

Written by Melissa Parker